Comprehensive proven security you and your family can trust.

 Provided by USMC, Army Special Forces Officers, Senior Naval Intelligence Officers, seasoned Executive Protection Agents and retired Secret Service & Law Enforcement Officers

Lloyd Goodnow is the President / CEO of Goodnow Frontier and CEO of Executac Security Services. He served proudly and is a Marine Corps Veteran. His company specializes in Executive Protection,Threat Based all Hazard Assessments, Asset Protection, and High Risk Asset Movement . The company was formed and operated in New York State beginning in 1990 and relocated to Florida in 2005 continue providing services to its clients.

The company is currently providing security services to people listed in “Who’s Who” and “Who’s Who in American Business.” This includes celebrities in New York, Florida and along the East Coast. The company exercises signed confidentiality agreements to protect the client’s anonymity and bars the use of the protectee’s names or images.

Lloyd has over 20 years of combined experience in Executive Protection and Asset Protection. His professional experience includes working as a civilian for law enforcement providing back ground and asset investigations.

Lloyd has provided security and asset protection for the transportation of high value and high risk property between New York City, Washington DC. High risk asset protection included transportation into and out of the New York City Diamond District.

Developing on the skills knowledge and abilities developed over the time spent in area law enforcement, Lloyd also provides Loss Prevention and Asset Protection for a number of business and private residential clients in North Central Florida. Lloyd has upon request provided sensitive information and advised members of congress regarding security matters.

He has also successfully completed training in the Israeli Predictive Profiling and Security Questioning, DoD Risk Management Program, Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), and Continuity of Government (COG).

Lloyd’s well rounded qualifications for personal protection include mental and physical preparedness also an expert marksman. His self-defense includes Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Rickson Gracie, Instructor), and Krav Maga.

Our Mission

​To prevent,protect and provide the experience of military training with real world hardened security and mitigating any threat.

With Executive Protection combined Threat based All Hazard Assessments;  We provide “total package” Security with an
emphasis on Executive Protection and employ Proactive Security Systems that are proven and efficient.
We actively support and employ Military Veterans.
Through our Teaming Partners, we offer additional services and training. Our personnel structure
includes Retired Military Army Special Forces, Senior Naval Intelligence Officers  and Retired Law Enforcement with real world
international experience encompassing all operational parameters.
Goodnow Frontier Security Services is responsible for all domestic operations
Executac Security Services is responsible for all international operations.

About Us

Military Strong

Specializing in executive protection services and

threat based all hazard assessments


    Company Designations

Lloyd Goodnow United States Marine Corps Veteran is the Owner / President of Goodnow Frontier Security Services. His company specializes in Executive Protection Services; Threat based All Hazard Assessments; High Value Asset Protection; and High Risk Asset Movement.

Licenses and Clearances

B - Security Agency #B1100122
MB - Manager for security agencies #MB1100013
G - Armed and concealed for duties outlined 493.6115 f.s. #G2905613
D - Security Officer #D2923641
DI - Security Officer Instructor #DI1300095

Private Protective Services # 00012911
Private Security Officer Armed and Concealed for duties outlined 62-35-125 t.s

DHS-TSA #02434907
TWIC Transportation Worker Identification Credential
Developed through Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in coordination with the United States Coast Guard


DUNS: 047149555

DUNS: 079673553

NACIS: 561612

ISO: 3166-2:US

SIC: 7381-0104